Swim Lessons


Our pool is currently closed for the 2023 season.
Check back in 2024 for more swim lesson opportunities!

We offer swim classes for people of all ages and abilities. Classes allow swimmers to develop good habits in, on, and near water; become comfortable in the water; learn and refine new strokes; and become stronger, safer swimmers.

Each session Monday-Thursday for two-weeks and classes are 50 minutes each. Friday's are reserved as make-up days, if necessary.

Beginner swim lessons will teach you how to enter and exit the pool, follow pool rules and safety, blow bubbles, float, look and retrieve objects, and much, much more!

An American Red Cross Lifeguard is on duty during pool operating hours.

Pool Rules

To keep pools safe we ask patrons to follow these guidelines:

  • Large floats or inner tubes are not permitted, as they obstruct the view of the lifeguards. Water guns, throwing toys or other items that may cause harm are prohibited. Small floating toys or pouring toys are acceptable for tots. Safety of items will be determined at the discretion of the pool staff.
  • Children may wear coastguard-approved personal floatation devices (PFD) with close parental supervision. Parents can check out floatation devices from pool staff at no additional cost.
  • Patrons swimming with children who wear diapers must use "leak proof" baby swimsuits, swim diapers, or diapers covered with snug-fitting plastic pants.
  • Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to the pool and to supervise them closely while in the water. They are also asked to discuss pool safety rules with their children and to encourage respect for pool rules and pool staff.
  • Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.

For more information, call (757) 514-7254.

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