Report a Blocked Train Crossing

While it is illegal for trains in Virginia to block an intersection (at a dead stop) for more than 5 minutes for non-emergency reasons, trains often do experience longer stops to accommodate switching operations and crew changes.  The enforcement of laws and guidelines rests with the Federal Railroad Administration and the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

A citizen can report a blocked crossing on the Federal Railroad Administration’s Blocked Crossing Incident Reporter    

Citizens can also file a complaint on the Virginia SCC website -  Virginia State Corporation Commission or call 804-371-9980.

Reporting blocked railroad crossings is an important part of resolving this ongoing issue. Regulatory agencies rely on accurate accounts of these incidents in order to make changes and implement long-term solutions. 

Citizens that would like to file a complaint regarding the length of trains are reminded that these issues are regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The City of Suffolk is located in Region 2 of the FRA, and that phone number is 800-724-5992 should citizens wish to call to make a complaint.