Frequently Asked Questions

1.    If I don’t want these services, can I choose not to participate (opt out)?

All eligible properties in the City of Suffolk will be provided and billed for residential trash and recycling services.  Should you choose not to actively participate, the fee will still apply.

2.    What if I don’t want to recycle, will I still receive the container?

The City will provide one recycling bin to newly constructed residential homes at no charge.  To request a bin, please contact Refuse Collection at 514-7630.

3.    Do I have to pay for the refuse container?

Yes, all refuse containers are leased for a one-time non-refundable fee of $75 per bin.  To lease this bin, please contact Refuse Collection at 514-7630.

4.    Can I use my old trash container?

Only containers that are compatible with our automated trucks can be used; please contact Refuse Collection at 514-7630 to determine if your existing container is compatible.  Non-City compatible cans will be serviced as a courtesy but are not covered for damage/loss.

5.    How many containers can I place curbside for collection?

The City will empty up to three 90-gallon automated trash containers.  Please ensure that you allow 4 to 6 feet between containers and other structures, and that containers are placed well away from any low-hanging wires or limbs.

6.    When will I receive my containers after lease?

Please allow 1 to 5 business days after payment for your trash container to be delivered to your home.  

7.    How much is the fee and how is it paid?

The refuse collection fee is $25.25/month and will be a line item on your real estate tax bill that is billed twice annually.

8.    What is my refuse collection day?

Refuse collection is completed every Tuesday through Friday.  Please contact Refuse Collection at 514-7630 to find out your exact collection day.

9.    How often is recycling picked up?

Recycling is collected every other week, on the same day as your trash collection.

10.    If my rental property is unoccupied for a substantial amount of time, do I still have to pay for services I am not using?

Yes; the service is available, and the fee is assessed to all properties with a residential structure.

11.    What if there are no houses on my rental property (just vacant land); do I still pay for the service?

If there is no structure on the property, no.

12.    Does this include special collections, and if so, are they unlimited (size and quantity)?

The policy for allowing 12 special collections per fiscal year of 12 cubic yards (6x6x9) or less remains the same; additional collections, as well as collections of larger piles not exceeding 24 cubic yards, are available for a fee by calling 514-7630.

13.    If I have more trash than my can will hold, can I put bags beside it?

No; all household trash must fit inside the container with the top closed.  Bags of extra trash beside the can will not be removed.  Other legal items may be placed 6 feet from the container and will be considered a special collection.

14.    If I live on a private road, can I have curbside pickup?

No, the City cannot travel on private roads for refuse collection.

15.    What happens if I use my recycling can for extra household trash?

Recycling containers will be monitored for content; if the cart contains household trash, it will not be dumped.

16.    Will we still have a drop-off site for recycling?

Yes; there is one drop-off location for Suffolk residents.  Two large TFC Recycling dumpsters are located in the parking lot at 440 Market Street and are available 24 hours per day.  The Pughsville recycling center is no longer open.

17.    Why do I have to pay an extra fee for trash pickup when I already pay for the service in my taxes?

The cost for refuse collection and recycling services is no longer paid from property taxes collected.

18.    Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact Refuse Collection at 514-7630.

19.    Where can I dispose of extra trash, tires, paint, etc.?

Any extra trash, tires, paint, etc. can be disposed of at the SPSA Regional Landfill.  For any inquiries concerning hours, rules, and regulations the landfill can be reached at 961-3683.