Shoulders Hill Road Multiuse Path

This project is to provide a safer way for pedestrians and cyclist to access to amenities in the area.  The project proposes approximately a 10 foot wide by 1,100 linear feet of shared use path along the east side of Shoulders Hill Road from Weatherby Way / Belmont Blvd. to Bennett's Creek Park Rd.  At the Shoulders Hill Road and Weatherby Way / Belmont Blvd intersection, the project proposes new installations and reconstruction of ADA compliant curb ramps and an unsignalized pedestrian crossing of Shoulders Hill Road.  At its intersection with Bennett's Creek Park Rd, the project proposes new installations and reconstruction of curb ramps as well signalized pedestrian crossings of Shoulders Hill Road and Bennett's Creek Park Road.

The project also includes minor roadway improvements such as spot installation of new curb and gutter and drainage improvements to facilitate the proposed project.  

Construction start mid-June and last approximately 3 months 

Project Manager: 

Adam Rountree

Phone: 514-7673

Project Location Map

100% Plan Set

Plan Set


Preliminary Engineering:     $125,000       

Right of Way/Acquisition:  $25,000        

Construction:                     $630,000      

Total Budget               $780,000    


Preliminary Engineering: September 2020 – February 2022

Right of Way/Acquisition: February 2022 – August 2022

Construction: June 2023 – Fall 2023

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