Comprehensive Plan Update

As required by the Code of Virginia, the City of Suffolk is updating its 2035 Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year plan for the City, which guides City staff, the public, the development community, City Council, and the Planning Commission in decisions related to development, redevelopment, and public services. Specific elements of this plan will include policy statements related to growth, housing, transportation, public facilities and services, and preservation of natural and cultural resources.  

In preparation for updating the Comprehensive Plan, a resolution establishing a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will be considered by City Council at their January 5, 2022 meeting.  The Steering Committee will assist City Staff throughout the process by providing guidance and helping to coordinate public outreach efforts.  In the coming months, Staff and the Steering Committee will request input from the public to ensure the Plan aligns with the values of the City, its residents, and communities.  

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