SCCT Completed Segments

Phase II

Suburban Drive to Nansemond Parkway (fully constructed)

This leg of the trail extends from Suburban Drive to Nansemond Parkway; Approximately 1.5 miles. This segment has a trailhead at the Suburban Drive entrance. This segment connects multiple communities that are directly along the trail; and is on the direct path of Mack Benn JR. Elementary School.

Phase IV

Driver Village to Chesapeake City Line (fully constructed)

This segment of the trail at 3.5 miles long begins in the historic Driver Village and terminates at the Chesapeake City Line (Western Branch Area). Trailheads are located at the start and terminus of this segment.  Flowers, wildlife and a plethora of bird species are abundant along this gorgeous stretch of meandering trail that parallels farmland, open space and a seasonal farmers market in Driver. The Quaker Neck Bridge offers a perfect photo op for walkers, runners and cyclists!

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