Business Tax & License

Business & Professional Licenses

All business and professional operations must purchase a license before operating in the City of Suffolk.  Business License tax is based upon the gross receipts of the business, with a minimum charge of $50.  Business licenses are due March 1 of each year and are issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue after a zoning clearance has been issued by Planning and Community Development.  Questions regarding zoning should be addressed to Planning and Community Development.
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Business License Tax Rate (Per $100 of Gross Receipts)

Tax Type
Financial, Professional and Real Estate Services
Personal, Business and Repair Services
Retail Sales
Contractors $.16
Wholesale Purchases

Business Personal Property

Personal property, other than motor vehicles, used in a trade or business is subject to local taxation as Business Personal Property. Returns are due no later than May 1st for property in use as of January 1 of a tax year.

  • $4.25 per $100 (Based on 20% of original cost)

Machinery & Tools

Machinery and Tools tax applies to equipment used in the manufacturing and processing of goods. Returns are due no later than May 1 for equipment in use as of January 1 of a tax year.

  • $3.15 per $100 (Based on sliding scale: 20% of cost first 5 years and 10% of cost after 5 years)

Meals, Lodging & Admissions Tax

Registration for the collection of Meals, Lodging, and Admissions tax is required with the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office prior to beginning business. This tax must be remitted by the 20th day of each month.

Meals Tax Rate

  • 6.5%
Lodging / Room Tax Rate
  • 8% (plus $1 per night)
Admissions Tax Rate
  • 10%