Commonwealth's Attorney

The Commonwealth's Attorney is elected to a four-year term and appoints Assistants under his supervision to prosecute felony cases, which include murder, rape, robbery and other serious crimes. In Suffolk, in addition to all felony cases, we also prosecute all misdemeanor cases in which a crime victim requests assistance, all drunk driving cases, certain domestic violence cases, all crimes that occur in schools and all misdemeanor and traffic appeals to Circuit Court, including violations of local ordinances. In addition, we contract with the State Department of Taxation to collect unpaid fines and court costs from people convicted of felonies, misdemeanors and traffic offenses in the Suffolk Court System. In the last year alone $957,920.70 was returned to the state and local treasuries through these collection efforts.


The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is continually striving to develop policies and programs aimed at improving the quality of life in our community, protecting victims, and seeking timely sanctions for those who choose to violate our laws. Over the years, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office has instituted a number of programs not required by State Law but which are of enormous importance to the citizens of Suffolk. See our vision and mission statements.