Illicit Discharge (IDDE)

Illicit Discharge is defined as the disposing, dumping, spilling, emitting, or any other discharge of a substance other than stormwater to a municipal separate storm sewer system. The storm sewer system includes streets, ditches, catch basins, yard inlets, lakes, and streams. Examples of illicit discharges include:
  • Sanitary wastewater piping that is directly connected from a home to the storm sewer
  • The pouring of materials such as oil, fertilizers, lawn clippings, paints or gasoline, into a storm drain, ditch, or water body
  • A shop floor drain that is connected to the storm sewer system
  • A failing septic system that is leaking into a damaged storm sewer line or that is causing surface discharge into the storm sewer
Illicit Discharge

Municipal Code

View Chapter 35 of the City Ordinances, Section 35-52 regarding Illicit Discharges.

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