Public Involvement

Outreach Opportunities

If you would like someone from the Stormwater Division to come speak at your civic league, homeowners association, school, or other group event, please contact us.

Stormwater Medallion Program

It is important to keep pollutants out of our storm drains because water that flows into the storm drains goes directly into our local streams, bay and oceans. When it rains over parking lots, sidewalks, and streets, the water picks up dirt, trash, oil grease, fertilizers, and other pollutants and carries it into the storm drain. The polluted water is called stormwater runoff. Storm drain medallions are round, blue discs that you can help attach to the tops of storm drains to remind your community the importance of preventing pollution from entering out waterways. Gather a group of volunteers, choose a day to place the medallions (Monday through Saturday, all events begin at 10 a.m.), and contact Jamie Durden to check availability. We provide all the materials for placement!
Stormwater Medallion Program

Become a Bay Star Home

Help restore our waterways by pledging to become a Bay Star Home. The Bay Star Homes program is targeted to residents throughout the Hampton Roads area to encourage the continued practice of environmentally friendly actions that are good for your home, community, and waterways. Joining is free, easy, and really makes a difference!

  1. Fill out the Bay Star Homes Pledge Card - you will choose eight practices from the following categories:
    1. Get Involved
    2. Grown Green
    3. Resource Conservation
    4. Water Connections
  2. Receive a free yard flag and welcome packet with information on how to stay involved and continue simple behavioral changes for a greener life.
  3. Spread the word! As your neighbors pledge to become Bay Star Homes, we all help improve our water quality. Become a partner in your watershed to prevent water pollution! Contact Bay Star Homes with any questions.
Bay Star Homes

Become a Bay Star Business

You can make big waves with small changes when your business becomes a Bay Star Business. The Bay Star Business program was modeled after the successful Bay Star Homes Program, and recognizes local businesses that use easy, low or no-cost practices that can have a major impact on improving the health of local waterways. Let your customers know you care about our most precious resources and become a Bay Star Business today!

1. Fill out the Bay Star Business Pledge Card 
-You will choose five practices from the following categories:
                Inside your business
                Outside your business
                In the Community

2. Receive a free window cling to proudly display to customers, as well as a welcoming packet. Your business will also be recognized on the website, and on their social media pages so everyone will know your business has pledged to be environmentally friendly.

3. Implement your pledges and start making a difference. Spread the word to other local businesses to become a Bay Star Business. 

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