Stormwater Pro Rata Policy

Pro Rata Policy

Any development or subdivision of land within the City of Suffolk shall share the cost of providing reasonable and necessary drainage facilities through payment of a pro rata share assessment. The following types of projects are required to provide payment of the pro rata share assessment prior to subdivision, site plan, plat recordation or development plan approval:
  • Commercial development
  • Commercial redevelopment
  • Residential development and redevelopment classified as a major subdivision in accordance with section 31-506 of the Unified Development Ordinance

Stormwater Master Plan

The City has established a Stormwater Master Plan which divides the City into three major watersheds; the James River, the Great Dismal Swamp, and the Chowan River. The Stormwater Master Plan defines the ultimate drainage outfall or receiving water body and identifies Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects necessary for ultimate development in accordance with the adopted Comprehensive Plan or current zoning approved by City Council.


Each pro rata payment received shall be expended only for necessary engineering and related studies and the construction of those facilities identified in the established Stormwater Capital Improvement Program. Payment of a pro rata share does not relieve the developer from implementing stormwater improvements to meet water quality and quantity requirements in accordance with the adopted Stormwater Ordinance.

Pro Rata Share Calculation

In order to calculate the pro rata share for a given development, please utilize the following map to identify which watershed your site falls within the Pro Rata Watersheds Map (PDF).

Total Share Assessment Calculation

Watershed Share Rate (per acre)
Chowan River $958
Great Dismal Swamp $263
James River $632
Pro Rata Map

Share Rates

Share rates will be calculated by using the following formula:
  • P= I x R
  • P= Pro Rata Share
  • I= Increase in Impervious Area (in acres)
  • R= Watershed Share Rate