Neighborhood Litter Cleanup

Thinking about cleaning up your neighborhood? We can help! Our office provides assistance to residents interested in cleaning up their neighborhood within the City of Suffolk boundaries. We provide supplies and trash pick-up for each scheduled clean-up effort. 

Plant Natives

We encourage the planting of native plants.  Southeast Virginia partners have published a regional guide.  The guide highlights native plants found in Southeast Virginia, including the "Hampton Roads" region.

Native Plant Guide for Southeast Vriginia

Native Guide

Tree Planting

Would you like to join our tree planting team?  Every year we need help with planting trees in parks and public spaces.  If you would like to help then contact us 514-7604.

Tree Giveaways

Do you have the space to plant a native tree in your yard?  Contact us and when we have bare root trees available we will notify you. 514-7604

Beautification Grant

Residents can apply for a Beautification Grant from the Suffolk Clean Community Commission to fund a community project in a public space.