Litter Prevention

Through our Adopt Programs, cleanup events and community volunteers we pickup and remove thousands of pounds of litter every year.  If you want to join thousands of other volunteers across Suffolk in the fight against litter please contact us to find out more.

(757) 514-7604

What is litter?
 According to Keep America Beautiful Inc., litter is “misplaced solid waste.” Litter includes paper, cigarette butts, illegal signs, abandoned cars, old tires, furniture, appliances and any other items that are not disposed of properly. The state of Virginia spends millions annually to clean up roadside trash and litter. Litter detracts from the county’s beauty, decreases property values and, over time, could affect economic development. 

Why do people litter?
 According to Keep America Beautiful Inc., people litter for one of three reasons: 

• Where litter has already accumulated
• Where someone else will clean up after them
• Where they feel no sense of ownership for the property

Where does litter come from? 

• Motorists
• Pedestrians
• Uncovered vehicles
• Household trash handling
• Construction/demolition sites
• Commercial refuse sources

Education Outreach 

We like to share our knowledge, stories and insights with others.  You can schedule a presentation by checking out our Education Outreach page. 


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