GIS Map & Data Request

Public Utility and Public Works GIS Data is Subject to Department Approval

Please Note Contour and Spot Elevation Data is no longer Available

Digital Map Data

Map Data
Topographic Data (File Set) $500/set or $100/per layer
Base Map (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer
Planimetrics (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer
Zoning (File Set)
$500/set or $100/per layer

Printed Map Products

Printed Map Sizes
8.5 inches x 11 inches (ANSI A) $3
11 inches x 17 inches (ANSI B) $5
17 inches x 22 inches (ANSI C) $10
22 inches x 34 inches (ANSI D) $10
24 inches x 48 inches or 24 inches x 60 inches $12
34 inches x 44 inches (ANSI E) $15
36 inches x 60 inches or 36 inches x 72 inches $15
Entire City Basemap $25
Entire City Aerial Image $50

Specialized Map Services

Specialized Services
Special Map Production Services (Per Hour)
Specialized Data Analysis Services (Per Hour)
Individual Orthophotography Tiles
                 1 - 5 tiles
                  6 - 10 tiles
GIS Data availability and final request cost determination is subject to review by GIS staff.
Please contact the City of Suffolk GIS Division for any questions.