Planning & Community Development  

The mission of the City of Suffolk Department of Planning and Community Development is to provide effective management of the City’s physical development by developing mechanisms that decision makers can utilize in managing and guiding growth to assure sustainable, orderly and efficient new development; to protect and enhance existing stable communities and planning for and stimulating the revitalization of declining areas through sound planning objectives and to articulate the community’s vision for the City’s future. Additionally, we will quickly and courteously respond to all customer service requests and cooperate intra-departmentally to ensure safe and well-maintained properties and structures for the benefit of Suffolk’s citizens and visitors.

The Department of Planning & Community Development Consists of Two Divisions

Planning Division

Responsible for both current and long range planning activities. Current planning includes the technical review of site plans, subdivisions and other land use applications such as rezonings, conditional use permits, historic district review, Wetlands and Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act review. Comprehensive long range planning activities include updating the Comprehensive Plan and also develops studies related to land use and housing and redevelopment. The geographic information system services provide digital mapping services.

Community Development Division

Responsible for all building permitting and inspections, housing and property maintenance inspections and enforcement as well as zoning administration including inspections, enforcement of the Board of Zoning Appeals and customer service.

Annual Action Plan

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Annual CAPER

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Citizen Participation Plan 2020