Hauling Permits Application

To obtain a special permit for over-weight and over-dimensional loads, please do the following:

  1. Submit a Hauling Permit Application to this office.
    1. If you do not have an application you may call 757-514-7606 or email to the Permit Office to request an application.
    2. Secure a Certificate of Insurance which names the City of Suffolk Public Works Department as the certificate holder.
    3. Once you have completed and signed the application it may be submitted to the Permit Office for review. The Certificate of Insurance must be attached to the application. (Please do not mail checks to the Public Works Office).
  2. Allow at least 48 hours for the application to be processed. Depending upon the volume of applications received in this office it may take up to five business days to process your application. Applications will be processed in the order which they are received.
    1. Applications will be reviewed by the Permits Office to determine if an Engineer Review is required for the requested route of travel.
    2. If an Engineer Review is required or if there are special circumstances surrounding your load and/or the requested route of travel, the permit technician will contact you.
  3. Submit payment.
    1. An invoice will be generated for the appropriate fees. Permits are not released until the invoice has been paid. If mailing a payment, please attach the voucher from the invoice and mail to the Treasurer's Office.
    2. The Public Works Permit Office will not take payments for permits. All payments must be submitted to the Treasurer's Office.
  4. The permit will be issued upon approval

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