Home & Home Repair Safety

Home Safety

A home should be a place of refuge and safety. Failing to properly secure your home or apartment can accidentally invite intruders in, potentially robbing the homeowner of property, but more importantly, peace of mind. Make a list of your valuables and record serial numbers and keep that list somewhere safe.

Home Improvement & Repair

The Suffolk Police Department encourages owners to take measures to ensure the safety of their home while building or undergoing renovations. The following are some crime prevention suggestions to consider:
  • Always keep your wallet, purse, checkbook and credit cards with you.
  • Confirm that the contractor has a valid contractor's license and/or city business license.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau at 757-531-1300 to see if there are any complaints filed against the business.
  • Get referrals of reputable business/workers from friends.
  • Negotiate payment arrangements in installments. Pay one third of the cost at the beginning of the job, one third when the work is nearly complete and the remaining amount when the job is satisfactorily completed. When paying, use a check rather than cash.
  • Never leave delivery people, construction workers or repairmen alone in your home If possible, stay in the same room with them while they complete their work.
  • Never leave a key outside your home for workers.
  • Obtain several estimates. Be sure to ask if there is a charge for this service.
  • Request and verify references before contracting with the business or workers.
  • Sign a written contract with the business or worker and also obtain a written guarantee for the work that is performed. Make sure all spaces are completed before signing.
  • Try to schedule your home improvement and repairs around times when you are home.