Commercial Motor Vehicles

About the Unit

The Suffolk Police Department Motor Carrier Unit consists of 3 full-time and 1 part-time personnel whose responsibility it is to address issues of overweight, over-width and over-height vehicles operating on Suffolk roadways. These commercial motor vehicles can pose significant problems if not properly managed.
A man sitting on the ground inspecting a vehicle.

Industry Regulations

The commercial trucking industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safety of other vehicles sharing the roadways with large trucks. From the number of hours a trucker may operate, to the safety of the equipment, to the size of the vehicle and its load, our motor carrier unit monitors and enforces commercial motor vehicle law to ensure the safety of all motorists, and the protection of our roadway surfaces. Overweight vehicles pose a serious threat of damage to city roadways and bridges not designed for such heavy weights.


The motor carrier unit is also very active in conducting truck inspections and putting vehicles out of service that are poorly maintained until repairs can be made. The unit also willingly offers training and inspections to local trucking companies to help them ensure their fleet's safety. The proceeds from overweight citations go towards supplementing the city's roadway maintenance.
A man doing paper work in the inside of a truck.