Building Permits New Construction Residential/Commercial Requirements

(1) Applicability. (Section 31-302 of the Unified Development Ordinance)

A. On and after the effective date of adoption of this Ordinance, structures shall be erected only on parcels of land that have been created in conformance with this Ordinance, except as may be otherwise provided by Article 8 of this Ordinance. No person shall construct any structure, use any land or change the use of any structure or land until a zoning permit has been obtained from the Zoning Administrator and a building permit has been obtained from the Building Official in Community Development.

B. NON-CONFORMING USES. A zoning permit may be granted for a non-conformity only if the change in use is to a principal use permitted in the district, except as may be otherwise provided by Article 8 of this Ordinance. Once the change from a nonconformity to a principal permitted use is completed, no conversion to the previous nonconforming use shall be permitted.

(2) Procedures.

A. APPLICATION. A zoning permit application (Known as “Application for Services-Residential OR “Application for Services-Commercial”) is available from Community Development. If the proposed development or development activity is exempt from site plan review pursuant to § 31-307 hereto, a plot plan (Appendix B, § B-7) shall be filed for review along with the zoning permit application. If site plan or subdivision plat approval is required, the approved site plan and/or subdivision plat shall be presented with the application for a zoning permit. SEE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS

B. COMPLETENESS REVIEW AND DECISION. The Administrator shall determine whether the application is complete. If the application is not complete, the Administrator shall return it to the applicant with a written explanation of the deficiencies. If the application is complete, the Administrator shall approve, approve with conditions or deny the application for a zoning permit. Applications which are denied shall have the reasons for denial, in writing, attached to the application.