Safety Restraint Campaign

Virginia Laws on Seat Belt Usage & Child Restraints

Seat Belt & Child Restraints

According to Virginia State Code 46.2-1094 you must wear your seat belt if you are the driver of a vehicle or at least 18 years old and sitting in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. The driver and passenger are subject to a traffic summons. The penalty is $25 civil penalty/no court cost.

Child Car Seats & Safety Belt Usage for all Persons under the Age of 17

According to Virginia State Code 46.2-1095 all passengers up to the age of 8 must be in an approved car seat or booster seat. Everyone from the age of 9 to 17 must wear their seat belt whether in the front seat or not. The driver will be issued a ticket for each passenger in violation of this state code. The penalty is $50 civil penalty with no court cost.

2013 Campaign

In 2013, the Suffolk Police Department participated in the Click it or Ticket Campaign from May 20 through June 2nd. During this period, the Department dedicated over 450 hours to this initiative.
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2013 Campaign Results

Type of Violation
Arrests and Summonses
DUI arrests
Safety belt violations
Child restraint violations
Speeding violations
Reckless driving
Suspended or revoked violations
Other violations
Total summonses and arrests

2011 Enforcement Efforts

In an effort to reduce fatalities in 2011, the Suffolk Police Department conducted enhanced seat belt enforcement resulting in 3 times as many summonses for seat belt and child safety restraint violations. Seatbelt usage is one of the primary ways to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

2009 - 2011 Statistics

Type of Violation
2009 2010 2011
Seat belt violation
207 215 885
Child safety restraints
124 140 250
Total 331 355 1135