Home Occupations


To engage in a home occupation that is not the primary use of the home but as an accessory use in approved residential zoning districts.

This home occupation permit does not substitute or supersede any other deed restrictions or neighborhood covenants.

Home Occupation Application

If you wish to obtain zoning clearance for a home occupation, you will need the following to apply:

  • A completed "Home Occupation Permit Application"
  • Detailed information about any services, storage, materials, products, etc. This will help in the review process.
  • Read the attached UDO requirements.
  • Payment in the amount of $37. Checks are to be made payable to the City of Suffolk.
  • For a copy of the application click on the following link: /DocumentCenter/View/3079/Home-Occupation-Clearance-App-PDF


Your application will be reviewed by a Technician. The criteria will be read and discussed with you and how it pertains to your home occupation request. At that time the Technician will request a signature that indicates you agree to abide by the UDO requirements for a Home Occupation.

Once Approved

  • Once the Technician approves your submission, you will be able to schedule an inspection of your property for zoning clearance.
  • Upon approval from the zoning inspector, you may return to the office and pick up your zoning approval to present to the Commissioner of Revenue for your business license, if required.