Special Events Signs

SPECIAL EVENT SIGNS AS ALLOWED BY THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR FOR SPECIAL EVENTS, GRAND OPENINGS (Per Section 31-714 of the Unified Development Ordinance): Such signs may be erected 14 days prior to a special event and shall be removed no more than 7 days following the event.

Application Requirements for Special Event Signs

  1. Bring in or mail a Special Events Temporary Signage form (PDF)
  2. Bring in a picture of the sign indicating dimensions
  3. A copy of your survey will be required
  4. A Permit Technician will review the application. The Technician will determine if everything is in order. The application MAY need to be left for Zoning approval.
  5. The Technician will determine the fees that are due.
  6. A fee schedule will be printed. At that time, the applicant will take the fee printout to the Treasurer's office to pay the permit fees. The Treasurer's office will provide a receipt upon payment.
  7. Return to Community Development with the receipt
  8. After Zoning approval (may not be same day processing), the permit will be printed.