Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering provides for the safe, efficient and convenient movement of vehicles and cargo on the City's roadways in accordance with Virginia Department of Transportation and Federal manuals of uniform traffic control devices.


The division continually evaluates, repairs and upgrades traffic regulatory markings, signage, and traffic signal operations. The division also:
  • Directs and manages capital and special projects
  • Assists in review of all site development plans
  • Analyzes impact studies and issues relating to current and future transportation issues
  • Administers the City's street lighting program
  • Serves as support staff for the City Transportation Safety Commission

Our Vision

Suffolk Traffic Engineering: A national leader in providing innovative transportation solutions.  We will accomplish this through the use of the highest professional standards, policies, and personal values.  We are committed to meeting this vision while keeping public safety always as our primary goal. 

Our Mission

Planning, delivering, operating and maintaining a transportation system that is safe, connected, environmentally sensitive, and that enhances Suffolk's economic competitiveness while improving the quality of life of our citizens.

Our Motto

"Safety first - first time, every time."

Rates & Fees