Kid Zone Before/After School “Drop In” Program

Are you looking for a child care program that your child can attend when you can select the days that are needed?  The “Drop In” program is just for you! It is designed for families wishing to utilize our Kid Zone Before and After School program as needed.


Youth can participate in the Kid Zone Before and After School program at a daily discounted rate on the days that the parents select. A one-time registration fee of $35 is required and the daily rate payment must be received prior to the youth’s participation. This program will run concurrent throughout the school year. Listed below are the daily rates for the program:
Drop In Activity
Daily Rater Per Child
One Time Registration Fee - Per Child
Before School Only
After School Only
Before and After School
Early Release Days
Full Day - "Kid Zone Play Day" - Specific Sites Only

Recreation Centers

For more information please contact the following sites:
  • Booker T. Washington Rec          757-514-7257
  • Creekside Recreation Center      757-514-7245
  • Mack Benn Jr. Rec Center           757-514-7248
  • Northern Shores Rec Center       757-514-7249
  • Oakland Recreation Center         757-514-7246
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