Jury Services

If you have received a postcard summons for a scheduled date, please check the recording the night before and the morning of.  If you need to be excused or rescheduled for your time from service please click this link - Excused from Service.


The following information will be important throughout your term of jury service.  You should keep this information sheet and refer to it throughout your term.  Other questions concerning your jury service should be addressed to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Notices for Trials

Notices for trials will be mailed usually 1 week in advance of the trial date.  About one-half of jury trials take 1 day, and most of the rest take 2 days; however, jury trials may last longer, and you will usually know before the trial starts.

Juror Information

Juror information must be kept current.  If your mailing address, telephone number, or employment information has changed or does change from the previous September questionnaire you completed, you must notify the Clerk of the Circuit Court immediately.

Attendance Fees

Fees are set by Virginia law. You will be paid $30 per day. Travel expenses are included in your attendance fee, and the Court cannot separately reimburse them.


Parking is available in the vicinity of the Courthouse. You may park in any 2-hour spot, However, official parking permits must be displayed in driver’s window to avoid parking summons.

Proper Dress is Required for Trials

You should dress comfortably, but in proper attire.  Proper attire is that which you would wear to an important legal or business meeting, since you will be judging the important legal and/or business matters of others.

Failure to Appear

Failure to appear for a trial is punishable as contempt of court by fine and/or imprisonment. Late appearances may also result in forfeiture of jury fees.

Cell phones or Electronic Devices of any kind (Fitbit Watches,Resized - fitbit_watch iPad, iPod, Cell Phones, Smart WatchesResized - Apple-Watch-Nike-Series-3 or Similar devices) are not permitted in the courthouse.