Comprehensive Planning

This function is to provide the capability for long term comprehensive and strategic planning for the City. This function is to serve as the primary "research and development" arm of the Department. Maintaining and updating the currency of the City's Comprehensive Plans and associated documents is a major activity of this function. This activity center is also responsible for the research and analyses of implementation tools which may be used by the City in the management of growth and the promotion of high quality development.

The long range planning section is responsible for coordinating the continued implementation of the initiatives and policies of the City's Comprehensive PlansComprehensive Plans.

This responsibility includes the preparation of special reports and area, neighborhood, and village community plans, transportation planning, and other special projects. Other areas of research are also very important to the functioning of the Department. Coordination of planning with other localities and participation in staff level regional committees and activities is also a major responsibility, particularly in the areas of transportation planning (CTS) and demographics (census).