Emergency Preparedness

The range of potential natural and man-made hazards that might occur in our locality or region is infinite and staggering. Examination of the hazards that can and will affect our community is an essential component of the local emergency management program.

Suffolk Local Emergency Planning Committee

The Suffolk Local Emergency Planning Committee has analyzed the hazards that pose the greatest threat or risk to our community so that we may suggest guidance on how to best organize available resources to manage these emergencies. The needs assessment and program review is an annual process. The Emergency Management Coordinator reviews Suffolk's Emergency Operations Plan and the current state of emergency preparedness of the City and suggests changes in order to promote the highest level of achievable disaster preparedness through pro active planning and mitigation.

Disaster Preparedness Information

The links on this page were assembled with the intent disaster preparedness information be available to you before disaster strikes. Please review the wealth of information available for each potential disaster so that you will Be Prepared.