Planning Division Applications

***Please be advised that our application review fees have increased effective July 1, 2023. Please contact (757) 514-4060 to confirm fees with our office.***

Special Note for Conditional Use Permit Applications & Rezoning Applications: If you would like to request a waiver from certain submittal requirements, the associated Waiver Forms listed below must be completed, submitted, and approved by the Director of Planning and Community Development prior to submitting your application. 

Online Submission

City Offices are now open to the public. However, applicants are encouraged to submit application materials electronically using the City’s sharefile link here:  

For detailed instructions on how to submit all documents electronically using the City Sharefile link, please utilize the following instructions: Planning Department Electronic Submittal.

Please notify staff by phone at 757-514-4060 or by email at after submitting your application materials online.

 We kindly ask that prior to uploading materials, please name your files using the following format:

  • For first submittals: “Project Name or Address- Type of Document (site plan, title report, design narrative, etc.)- 1st Submittal”. The original signed hard copy of the application form must still be submitted either via mail or in person. 
  • For resubmittals: “Application Number (such as SPL2023-00001)- Project Name or Address- Type of Document (site plan, title report, design narrative, etc.)- 2nd, 3rd, 4th Submittal”

Plan Review Applications

Applications Commission / Council
Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF) Administrative or Historic Landmarks Commission
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) Encroachment-Exception (PDF) Administrative Review or Planning Commission
Conditional Use Permit (PDF) Planning Commission/ City Council
Conditional Use Permit WAIVER FORM ONLY (PDF) Approval Determined by Planning Director
Determination of Subdivision (PDF) Administrative Review
Engineering Plan Review (PDF) Administrative Review
Family Transfer Subdivision Plat (PDF) Planning Commission
Final Subdivision Plat Review (PDF) Administrative Review
Minor Subdivision (PDF) Administrative Review
PFM Submittal and Review Check List (PDF) Administrative Review
Preliminary Subdivision (PDF) Planning Review
Rezoning (PDF) Planning Commission/ City Council
Rezoning WAIVER FORM ONLY (PDF) Approval Determined by Planning Director
Right-of-Way Encroachment Administrative Review
Site Plan Review (PDF) Administrative Review
Site Plan Waiver Application (PDF) Administrative Review
Street Vacation (PDF) Administrative Review
Subdivision Variance (PDF) Planning Commission/ City Council