Fee Schedule

Planning Department Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Fee Schedule

Type Fee
Borrow Pit Fees (annual)
Per cubic yard removed semi-annually
Certificate of Appropriateness- Additions
Certificate of Appropriateness- Administrative
Certificate of Appropriateness- Administrative After the Fact
Certificate of Appropriateness- After the Fact
Certificate of Appropriateness- New Construction
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Encroachment Request (Administrative)
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Exception Request (Administrative)
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Exception Request (Planning Commission)
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Comprehensive Plan Consistency Review
Conditional Use Permits
$800.00 plus $20 acre
Encroachment Permits (Right-of-Way)
Family Transfer
Minor Subdivision
Non-complying Use and Development Waiver
Rezoning Requests
$800.00 plus $40 acre
Rezoning Requests (Conditional)
$1,000.00 plus $40 acre
Site Plan Review - additional revisions
$150.00 per submittal
Site Plan Review - Amendments (approved w/in last 5 years)
Site Plan Review (excludes 1 & 2 family dwelling)
$600.00 plus $60 per acre
*Site Plan Waiver Request
Street Abandonments
Subdivision - Engineering Plan Review
$40.00 per lot with $200 minimum
Subdivision - Engineering Plan Review Revisions & Amendments
$150.00 per submittal
Subdivision - Final Plat Fee (per lot)
$30.00 with $200 minimum
Subdivision - Preliminary Plat Fee
$50.00 per lot with $300 minimum
Subdivision Determination
Subdivision Variance Requests
Wetlands Board
Wetlands Board after the fact
*As of July 1, 2012


Type Fee
Aerial Photographs
1 inch = 1000 feet
$0.25 each
Aerial Photographs
1 inch = 1600 feet Base Map Set
$50.00 set
Copies-Black & White
Geodetic Control Network Book
Geodetic Control Network Book- Supplement
$5.00 each
Unified Development Ordinance from Municode
$252.46 or current cost
Unified Development Ordinance (Update Service) From Municode
$108.67 or current cost
Wetland Mitigation Fee In-Lieu
1% over market rate to purchase credits in approved tidal wetlands

**Geographical Information System Digital Map Data

Type Fee
Topographic Data (File Set)
Orthophotography (Single Image)
Base Map (File Set)
Aerial Photography Originals
Original GeoTIFF Imagery (Single Tile)

**Printed Map Products

Type Fee
GIS Tax Map (Single Map)
Census Tract Map (Single Map)
Voter Borough Map (Single Map)
Voter Precinct Map (Single Map)
Generalized City Base Map (Single Map)
Geodetic Control Monumentation Book (Single Book)
Other Map Product (Single Map)
** The Department of Planning and Community Development will apply individual charges to any requested products which are created, printed or reproduced. All merchandise must be invoiced for the collection of fees in the City Treasurer’s office.

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