Downtown Suffolk Drainage Improvements

Began construction on Monday, October 4, 2021. 

The project included the installation of drainage piping systems through the intersection of West Washington Street and Saratoga Street. 

The project work proceeded south on South Saratoga Street to Jackson Street, and then along Jackson Street to Lee Street.   

The project also included a storm water pond to mitigate the impacts of large rainfall events in the area, and will also support the new Downtown Library. 

The Downtown Suffolk Drainage Improvements project is to reduce flooding that occurs during a normal rain even in the downtown area including Jackson St, S Saratoga St, and W Washington St. 

A series of storm pipe upgrades and improvements that will ultimately tie into an existing system in N Saratoga St just North of W Washington St.

Additionally a Wet Pond is constructed to attenuate some of the runoff during a heavy rain event as well as to provide some water quality runoff treatment for the contributing system.  


Drainage Improvements Location


Drainage Design Exhibit

Downtown Drainage Design Exhibit


The current budget for this project is $3,007,109 using a combination of state and local funds.


Preliminary Engineering: Jan 2016 –  Mar 2021
Construction: October 2021 – December 2022