Nansemond Parkway / Wilroy Road Intersection

The Nansemond Parkway - Wilroy Road Intersection Project has been placed on temporary hold to take advantage of a unique opportunity to pursue a grade separated crossing.   The initial design provided for a right turn and left/through lanes from Wilroy Road onto Nansemond Parkway, and a right turn lane from Nansemond Parkway onto Wilroy Road.  Although the planned improvements would have facilitated better traffic movement during train crossings and provided for improved safety at the intersection, it had limited benefit.  A "fly over" approach permanently eliminates the at-grade crossing, achieving a more permanent solution for both safety and intersection capacity.  This option has been made possible by newly available State funding.  Improving this intersection remains a high priority.   The grade separated “fly over” design is underway and expected to take 18 to 24 months, followed by right of way acquisition and construction.   



  • Project Manager: Allan Mushett
  • Phone Number: 757-514-7681