Route 58 / Holland Road Corridor Improvements

The 3.1 mile widening project will provide for the construction of an additional travel lane both east bound and west bound from Route 58/13/32 bypass to approximately 0.7 miles west of Manning Bridge Road.  The Manning Bridge Road / Route 58 Intersection project has been incorporated into this project and both will be constructed as a single project. 
The project will provide for intersection and traffic signal upgrades and incorporates access management measures along the route to improve safety for vehicles entering and exiting Route 58.  The project will include turn lanes, curb and gutter, raised median, enhanced stormwater features and a multi-use path and sidewalk to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists along the corridor.  


On the Scene Filmed July 1st 2021

Final Plans Part One


Final Plans Part Two


Final Plans Part Three



Preliminary Engineering:    $3,695,424
Right of Way Acquisition:   $34,000,000
Construction:                      $39,488,000
Total Budget:                    $77,183,424


Preliminary Engineering: May 2012 – July 2020
Right of Way Acquisition: July 2015 – June 2020
Construction:                     January 2021 – September 2024