Before You Begin Construction

Wetlands Permit

  • Read the permit and conditions of approval.
  • Sign the last page of all three copies of the Permit.
  • Return the VMRC and CITY copies of the Permit to this office.
  • Keep the PERMITTEE copy of the Permit for your records.
  • Obtain all required City, State, and Federal Permits.

Project Notification

This department relies on your advance notification of when a project starts in order to schedule site inspections. Neglecting to provide notification is a permit violation. Make sure that the contractor, if you have engaged one, has a copy of the Wetlands Permit on site and understands that any changes to the project will require advance approval. This office must be contacted at 757-514-4060 for the following inspections:

  • Notify the Wetlands Office 48 hours (two working days) prior to beginning your permitted project.
  • If your project involves backfill behind structures, notice must be given to the Planning Department 24 hours prior to placing the fill.
  • Notify the Planning Department within 48 hours (two working days) after completing your project.
To give notification, call the planning division at 757-514-4060.

Permit Extension

If a time extension of the Wetlands Board Permit is necessary, you must submit a written request to the Wetlands Board prior to expiration of the Wetlands Board Permit. Extension requests received after permit expiration will have to resubmitted a new Joint Permit Application and be advertised for Public Hearing.

Additional Permits

In addition, your project may require authorization or a permit from one or more of the following: