Real Estate Assessor

The management and staff of the Office of Real Estate Assessor for the City of Suffolk are here to provide you with online access to property information. It is our hope that you find this site and information to be helpful.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Suffolk Real Estate Assessor's Office to annually make equitable assessments at market value through teamwork, while encouraging citizen participation in the process; to produce an assessment roll in accordance with state statutes and to provide accurate information to the public all in a courteous, efficient and professional manner that utilizes professionally accepted standards and practices.


If you are concerned in regards to the accuracy or fairness of your assessment, please look at the Assessment Process page which gives a brief overview of the assessment process as defined by the Code of Virginia. The page also provides an explanation about your rights and responsibilities pertaining to real assessments in Suffolk.

NOTICE and Disclaimer: Proposed assessment property record cards are only available to a property's owner of record.

Tax Relief

The city does provide tax relief for seniors, disabled veterans and disabled citizens. This program is overseen by Social Services.

Certain properties, after meeting requirements, are eligible for tax exemption for qualifying rehab work. This incentive program is designed to protect and preserve our maturing neighborhoods and offers partial tax exemption for the rehabilitation, renovation or replacement of qualifying structures. View more information on rehabilitation of property improvements.

Land Use Program

The City of Suffolk also has an Agricultural Abatement or Land Use program. This program is designed to promote the preservation of land for public benefit and is based on use value rather than market value. There are three qualifying uses: agricultural, horticultural, and forest.