Prevention Program

Prevention Services are provided to stabilize the family in the event of an emergency or crisis. This program provides emergency payments to avert eviction, or loss of a utility. The services are meant to prevent the placement of children into Foster Care.

Several Criteria Must Be Met Before Services Can Be Activated, Including

  • Must have child(ren) in the home under 18 years old.
  • Cannot have received assistance from Prevention Services recently or for the same situation.
  • Must be a legitimate emergency (i.e., eviction, lights turned off, etc.)
  • Must have had a recent crisis (loss of job, decrease in hours, wages, etc.)

Purchasable Preventive Services Include, but Are Not Limited to

  • Food, clothing
  • Utilities, rent, oil/gas (for heating)
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency housing assistance (hotel/motel stay)
  • Health related services
  • Transportation
All clients are screened on a case by case basis and if deemed eligible, a case is opened and entered into the Family Services Computer data bank. The clients will sign a Service Application and understand that if they return within the same year for a similar request for assistance, the request will be denied. If client is deemed not eligible for Preventive Services, referrals are given to local churches and area resources.