More Links & Resources

  • All Purpose Law Sites
  • Legal Engine Website
    Provides downloadable state-specific legal forms for a fee.  Some sample forms provided. - The Comprehensive Law and Government Portal
    Ambitious site with its own search engine! Something for lawyer and lay person alike.
  • Court and Government Materials
    WestDoc - Document Retrieval Service
    A fee-based service. Charges $10 per document on your credit card. Documents are downloaded. State and Federal cases and statutes - very comprehensive, but you need the case name or citation.
  • Divorce - No Fault Divorce in Virginia
    VA Legal Aid - Divorce (PDF)
  • Kids Legal Links
    Safe Kids Website
    Internet rules for kids
    Capitol Classroom
    Virginia Legislation via informational pages, games, and activities.
  • Pro se
    Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center
    Contains legal information geared to non-attorneys. Includes a law dictionary that translates legal jargon into plain English, legal research tips, ordering information for their books, electronic books, guides and forms that can be downloaded to your computer for a fee, and the ever popular lawyer jokes.