Community Policy & Management Team (CPMT)


  • Rachel Lewis, Liaison, CSA Coordinator, Suffolk DSS
    Phone: 757-514-7335
  • Kimberly Jennings, Secretary, Court Services Unit
  • Glynda Branch, Ex Officio (Fiscal Agent), Suffolk DSS
  • Jenny Hodge, TYSC
  • Sheridan Meriwether, The Up Center (Private Provider Representative)
  • Mary Bess, Parent Representative
  • Stephanie Whitley, Suffolk Public School
  • Marli Laudun, Western Tidewater Health Department
  • Donna Boykin-Lewis, Chair, Western Tidewater CSB
  • Randah Gaitan, Vice Chair (Government Representative)
  • Saniyyah Manigault, Suffolk Social Services


Suffolk Community Policy and Management Team, also known as the "Suffolk Interagency Team", acts as the community policy and management team for the City in cooperative effort to serve the needs of troubled and at-risk youth and their families, and to maximize the use of state and community resources in that effort.