Police Department


111 Henley Place
Suffolk, VA 23434



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Non-Emergency Phone: 757-923-2350

Administrative Staff 
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Name Title Email Phone
Chandler, Jr., Alfred S. Chief of Police   757-514-7900
Carr, Janet Chief's Executive Secretary   757-514-7900
Buie, James Deputy Chief of Operations   757-514-7960
Garvin, Cassandra Deputy Chief of Administration   757-514-7910
Nordan, Veronica Command Secretary   757-514-7908
Whiteside, Alex Police Planner   757-514-7995
Kee, Herman Executive Sergeant   757-514-7994
McCarley, John Administrative Captain   757-514-7949
Wise, Michael Administrative Lieutenant   757-514-7903
Beers, Quinn Property and Evidence Sergeant   757-514-4210
VanPeeren, Allison Administrative Analyst   757-514-7986
Fellers, Sherry Property and Evidence Master Police Officer   757-514-7921
Callis, Lance Professional Standards Division Captain   757-514-7983
Crawley, Eric Accreditation and Training Sergeant 757-514-7913
Fenneman, Andrew Accreditation Manager   757-514-7959
Babor, James Training Coordinator   757-514-7937
Weatherly, Jennifer Professional Standards Sergeant   757-514-7906
Jaramillo, Christina Recruiting/Background Investigation Officer 757-514-7987
Stabinski, Lauren Recruiting/Background Investigation Officer 757-514-7943
Wiggins, Dwayne Recruiter/Background Investigator 757-514-7907

Central Records 


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Name Title Phone
Robertson, Jeanette Records Management Supervisor 757-514-7914

Crime Line 

P.O. Box 4017
Suffolk, VA 23434

1-888-562-5887, Option 6

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Emergency Communications Center (Non Emergency) 


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Name Title Phone
Hendricks, Kimberly PSAP Manager/False Alarm Reduction Coordinator 757-514-7927

Fugitive Unit 
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Name Title Phone
Beers, Quinn Fugitive Unit Sergeant 757-514-4210
Helvestine, Paul Warrant Officer 757-514-7984
Folkers, Tiffany Warrant Officer 757-514-4213
Kindred, Tonya Warrant Clerk 757-514-7922

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Name Title Phone
Erie, Mark Investigations Captain 757-514-7888
Myrick, Gary Criminal Investigations Lieutenant 757-514-7948
Thomas, Casey Violent Crimes Sergeant 757-514-7947
Hearn, Brian Property Crimes Sergeant 757-514-7904
Cuffee, Jodi Crime Analyst 757-514-7905
Wagner, Tonya Intelligence Analyst 757-514-7980
Wellford, David Special Investigations Lieutenant 757-514-7891
Cain, Thomas Special Investigations Sergeant 757-514-7950
Lyons, Jason Downtown Neighborhood Enforcement Team Sergeant 757-514-7860

Sector 1 Patrol Staff 
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Name Title Phone
Epperson, Jesse Precinct I Captain 757-514-7911
Springle, Sandra A Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7882
Gasparini, Nicholas A Squad Sergeant 757-514-7884
Rowland, Daniel A Squad Acting Sergeant 757-514-7884
Lurie, Jeffrey B Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7881
Bradshaw, Samantha B Squad Sergeant 757-514-7885
Ellis, Lorri B Squad Sergeant 757-514-7885
Sobers, James C Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7961
Bradshaw, William C Squad Sergeant 757-514-7886
Rosario, Hector C Squad Sergeant 757-514-7886

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Name Title Phone
Harrison, Kevin Precinct II Captain 757-514-7951
Shelton, Troy A Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7883
Faubion, Matthew A Squad Sergeant 757-514-7965
Rowan, Sean A Squad Sergeant 757-514-7965
Heroux, David B Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7962
Diggs, Antonio B Squad Sergeant 757-514-7972
Worth, John B Squad Sergeant 757-514-7972
Fahrman, Robert C Squad Lieutenant 757-514-7963
Bulter, Christopher C Squad Sergeant 757-514-7964
Swinney, Michael C Squad Sergeant 757-514-7964

Special Operations 
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Name Title Phone
Hooker, Chad Special Operations Lieutenant 757-514-7999
Hutson, Raul School Resource Sergeant 757-514-7998
Bulls, Jonathan Special Operations Sergeant 757-514-7977