What is Stormwater runoff?
Stormwater is the non-infiltrated runoff water that accumulates and flows through gutters, ditches, and storm drains during runoff producing events. Typically, the more rainfall we get the less likely that the rainwater will be absorbed into the soils resulting in more stormwater reaching our storm drains, ditches, streams, lakes and rivers.

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1. What is Stormwater runoff?
2. Where are storm drains?
3. What is the difference between a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer?
4. Does this stormwater get treated at the wastewater plant?
5. What kind of pollution is in stormwater runoff?
6. What about Bacteria?
7. Is blowing lawn clippings down the storm drain or placing them in the wetland area behind my house a bad thing? Don’t they work like mulch or compost?
8. What is a BMP?
9. What can I do to help prevent stormwater pollution?