What do I need for Shelter in Place?
Your SIP supply kit should include the following items:
- 5 Gallon Bucket and trash bags.
- Bath-size towels (For wetting and placing at the bottom of doors)
- Battery operated AM/FM radio
- Canned food, other ready-to-eat food, and bottled water
- Emergency Contact Numbers
- First Aid kit and required medications
- Flashlight and extra batteries
- Manual can opener
- Phone and charger
- Plastic sheeting (example: drop cloth, window plastic, etc.) pre-cut to the size of the openings that need to be closed off in your shelter room
- Wide tape (Example: duct tape)

Store your kit in a convenient and secure location known to all family members. Stored water and food should be replaced every six months. Reevaluate your kit and family needs at least once a year and replace batteries.

Contact the Suffolk Emergency Management Office for more details at 757-514-4536.

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