Which Broadband Project does my address fall under?

You can follow the links to the three initiatives and check your address against the maps. Timelines will be updated regularly, once that information has been disclosed to the City. 


Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)

Virginia Telecommunication Initiative (VATI)

CARES ACT - Suffolk - Charter Residential Passings

Please contact Senior Administrative Analyst Randah Gaitan with the City Manager’s Office with additional questions at 757-514-4013.

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1. Which Broadband Project does my address fall under?
2. When will construction begin on these Broadband Projects?
3. How can I stay informed if I don’t have access to Charter/Spectrum services?
4. Do I have to subscribe to Charter Communications/Spectrum services once my residence/business is connected?
5. Am I eligible for connection if my residence is far from the roadway?
6. Is there financial assistance available if I can’t afford Broadband services?