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1. Can I submit a photo or photocopy of the signed document?
2. In what zoning district can I operate my business?
3. What do I need to find out the zoning on my property (parcel)?
4. What is the estimated review time on my review (submittal)?
5. When is the submission deadline for Land Use items?
6. Can I have horses or chickens in my zoning district?
7. How many horse(s) can I have on my size lot?
8. I wanted to remove my property line and create 1 lot. What should I do?
9. My lots are side by side and someone recommended an Administrative subdivision?
10. My property is located within the Historic Conservation Overlay District, what do I need to do in order to make exterior changes or improvements?
11. What is required for a Conditional Use Permit application? What is the cost, process, and timeframe?
12. I want to resubdivide my land, what do I need to know or do to accomplish this?
13. There are nontidal wetlands on my property, can I fill them or cut trees in this area?
14. My property is suffering severe upland erosion, what options are there to stop this?
15. My property has the 100-foot Resource Protection Area Buffer, what can and cannot be done in the Buffer?
16. I want to build in the 100-foot Resource Protection Area Buffer, what do I need to know and do to accomplish this?