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2022 Parks & Recreation Merchant Vendor Application

  1. 2022 Parks & Recreation Merchandise Vendor Application

    This is an application for the 2022 events hosted by Suffolk Parks and Recreation for food vendors. There is a separate application for those organizations selling items or promoting a business or service.

  2. Each vendor event will have a $50 vendor fee. If selected, you will receive an invoice for each event you were selected for. This fee is due one month prior to the event; if this fee is not paid, you will forfeit your space and it will go to the next vendor on the waitlist.
  3. The proposed sale items including prices you are requesting to sell must be specific, do not indicate “etc. or accessories”. If a vendor space is granted, it will be assigned on the basis of this list only, so please be thorough. Suffolk Parks and Recreation reserves the right to select the items a vendor is allowed to sell.
  4. 2022 Vendor Events

    Please select only the events that you are interested in and available for:

  5. I certify all information contained in this application to be true and accurate. I understand that this application in no way implies or guarantees that a vendor space will be offered. Suffolk Parks and Recreation reserves the right to refuse any application. I understand that if awarded a vendor date, I will be required to participate and operate my booth in compliance with event hours. I have read and understand the instructions.
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